Everything stays inside now… featuring Eva Green

Everything stays inside now.


But it’s there in the eyes, settled. It – that quiet pain , won’t leave, like a scar healed from long ago, the reminder of the intensity— at first when it happened.


It’s starting again, but worse than ever before. And you thought it was bad then ! Now It’s deadly dull, it aches, even your heart beat hurts now. God . It just won’t go away…


How like the phoenix will we feel when we rise from the ashes, to remember where we came from and how strong and good we once were………. and how we WILL BE AGAIN !


Really ? Oh, really ?

Will we be again ? How do we bring back the goodness that must survive if we are to physically make it thru this reality? This new reality of hate that threatens life as we know it ?

Surely God has not forsaken us.

Has He ?


Everything stays inside now.