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Puerto Rico now America’s Team in WBC – FOXSports.com

Puerto Rico now America’s Team in WBC – FOXSports.com

SAN FRANCISCO After Team USA was eliminated from the World Baseball Classic, we heard the usual lines about the inability of Americans to meet expectations in the tournament. That’s not entirely accurate. WORLD BASEBALL CLASSIC Venezuelan stars honored to play WBC grows sport globally | Pics Stars unable to represent Cuba Time for Team USA […]

America’s Dirtiest Coal Company – Bloomberg

If you go to the website of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern District of Missouri, you can read more than 1,000 letters from retired coal miners and their widows. Their words are like the lyrics to an endless Johnny Cash ballad, and even more heartbreaking. They tell the eternal tale of the greedy […]

America’s Latest Phony Fiscal Crisis – Bloomberg

America’s Latest Phony Fiscal Crisis – Bloomberg

In most countries that experience a fiscal crisis, there is no ambiguity about the situation. The government is unable to sell debt at a reasonable interest rate. This probably coincides with a broader shift out of domestic assets, as smart investors read the writing on the wall or in the newspapers. The currency collapses and, […]

The next Einstein? America’s best and brightest minds – Fox News

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” So said Albert Einstein, creator of the theory of relativity that revolutionized modern science. Mar. 14 marked the 134th anniversary of Einstein’s birthday, but science has hardly stood still: In research labs, classrooms and even garages across the […]

Timothy Noah on America’s income immobility – CBS News

(CBS News) Americans have always believed that their children will have it better than they do. But now that’s in doubt, according to our Contributor and New Republic editor Timothy Noah, whose latest book is titled “The Great Divergence”: Americans know their country has a lot of economic inequality. But they tell themselves that’s OK. […]

America’s quirky capital of books – Christian Science Monitor

How tiny Montpelier, Vt., supports three independent bookstores – one with the requisite mascot, Veruca the tortoise.  By Andrew Averill, Correspondent / March 17, 2013 Montpelier, Vt. Anders Shemholm, age 11, is walking down Main Street in this Vermont town in shorts and an unzipped jacket even though a nor’easter has just left its callous calling […]

CARNUCCIO AND MAYER: Fixing America must start with the states – Washington Times

CARNUCCIO AND MAYER: Fixing America must start with the states – Washington Times

Enlarge Photo Illustration: Constitution more > Facebook Follow @washtimes The federal government is financially broke. Because it is not restricted by a balanced budget requirement, it constantly spends money it doesn’t have. With the continuing fiscal crisis in Washington, there is no better time than now to have a vigorous debate on how we can best […]

‘Obama’s America’ Filmmakers Plan Second Documentary Called ‘America’ – Huffington Post

Political rabble-rouser and much-maligned author and documentarian Dinesh D’Souza is teaming up with Gerad Molen, the Oscar-winning producer behind “Schindler’s List” and “Jurassic Park” for a new attack on Barack Obama. THR reports that the duo — who worked on “2016: Obama’s America,” an infamous documentary that positioned the president as harboring a dangerous, anti-colonialist […]

Executive privilege: Marissa Mayer’s HR decisions at Yahoo – Boston Globe

WHEN YAHOO CEO MARISSA MAYER banned working from home in February, outrage followed. Yet when Best Buy CEO Hubert Joly, a middle-aged man, made a similar decision in March, there was barely a whimper. Both are new CEOs trying to turn around struggling companies, so what explains the different reactions? A double standard rooted in […]

Baseball’s fails to reach black America – San Francisco Chronicle

Globalize, globalize, globalize. That’s been Bud Selig‘s – and by extension Major League Baseball‘s – mantra as the World Baseball Classic has unfolded this month. But the push to bring baseball to all corners of the globe comes as one of the sport’s key demographics continues to vanish right here at home. For the first […]